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Tuition & Fees

For a traditional undergraduate resident student, the average basic cost of attending Asbury University can include tuition, housing, meals, vehicle registration, student activity fee and books. Program-specific information on Tuition and Fees for the upcoming academic year is available at Financial Aid – Costs.

Miscellaneous Fees and Services

Throughout the school year, students make decisions or utilize services that may impact the bill. Some of the services are listed below, although this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Student Insurance: All full-time undergraduate students are required by Asbury University to carry minimum medical insurance. During Financial Registration, students must provide proof of adequate coverage elsewhere or enroll in the medical insurance plan offered by the University. Please refer to the University Student Insurance Plan for more information.
  • Books/Supplies: Asbury University students may order books from Asbury’s virtual bookstore and charge the purchase to their student account. This charge will increase the amount owed to the University.
  • Library and Parking Charges: Library charges for overdue books and unreturned materials should be paid at the Library. Parking fines should be paid at the Cashier’s Office. Library charges and parking fines remaining unpaid at the end of each month will be added to the student’s bill, along with a $5 service charge.